How To Save Money On Groceries

With the economy in recession and not built back up yet, many people are looking for way to cut costs. One of the easiest ways to cut costs is to lower your grocery bill. Saving money on groceries takes a little more time and you must be strict about it, it is easy to go over budget buying a little thing here and a little thing there. Following these simple steps should see a cut in your budget and extra money in your bank.

Step 1

A few days before shopping make a menu and a grocery list. Many meals can be used twice or use the same ingredients, such as a whole baked chicken one night with sides and then using the leftover chicken to make chicken soup for dinner the next night. A list also makes sure you do not forget something that you need, so there is no last minute runs back to the store for that one item. Do not buy more then what you have on your list.

Step 2

We all know coupons can help, but you do not have to use every coupon you see. Only use coupons for stuff that you would be buying anyway. If you use a coupon to buy something you are not going to use in the first place, you are still wasting your money. Compare your coupons to your list and only bring the coupons that you know you will be using for that trip.

Step 3

Buy in generic form or/and in bulk. Many foods taste the same without the fancy label. In addition, if you go through a lot of one item such as oatmeal or beans, then buying those foods in bulk will save you money. If you have a baby, diapers are much cheaper when bought in bulk amounts.

All of these ways will save you money on your grocery bill. It may take some practice and discipline but the payoff is great. Then you can put all that money that you are saving towards any other debt or into savings.