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How To Save Money On Cleaning Supplies

By admin | June 20, 2011

Cleaning supplies are an expensive but necessary part of your household budget. How can you save money on cleaning supplies but still keep your home sparkling clean? There are several options. You can clip coupons or head to the dollar stores. Another cheap, easy and environmentally friendly way to save money on cleaning supplies is to make your own utilizing common and inexpensive products.

White vinegar has many household uses. Mixed in a spray bottle with water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent, it makes a streak-free window, glass, and mirror cleaner. Vinegar added to the laundry softens clothes and prevents dark colors from fading. The one drawback to vinegar is its strong smell, but it fades quickly, is less harsh than many chemical cleaners, and isn’t hazardous to children or pets.

Common baking soda is another useful and inexpensive cleaning product. By itself or mixed with a few drops of lemon juice, it can be used to scour sinks, countertops and pots and pans. Lemon juice removes stains from hard surfaces. Regular white toothpaste cleans and polishes metal fixtures and jewelry. In addition to being affordable, these cleaning products often produce better results than their pricey chemical counterparts.

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